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Now people have been making some dumb defenses and insults (you don't have the patience like a child) for some criticisms launched at the movie. For example, at one scene at the airport. That is how you do build up the worst possible way. It was about to show a fight with both the monsters in the area and a full body view of Godzilla. You see snip it's of it in the next scene on a tv. That's not lead up, that's cockteasing. A shame too because all the other build up in the movie was great! Also the characters and actors are bad, excluding Bryan Cranston and the monsters. In true Godzilla fashion the monsters have a ton of characters you can tell just by their expressions and actions. I really sympathized with the muto creatures, too. They're like the Mr. Freeze of the Godzilla Rogue's gallery. Critics say that the monsters are a rehash of the Cloverfield Monster. So apparently because one of the creatures has a similar posture their just rehashes. This complaint is incredibly annoying. It's like if something has one thing similar to another that means it has no originality. Godzilla is easily the best character in the movie. I like hero Godzilla better than destructive Godzilla because he always gets a bigger personality. Even in the worst Godzilla movies with him as a good guy I must admit he has more personality than villain Godzilla. The fight scenes are ok. Excluding the airport scene because it sucked and godzilla breathing atomic breathe down the mutos neck because it's awesome. One thing that surprised me is that the American military is somehow even dumber than the Japanese. I don't know how that's possible but it is. They come up with plans that they know will back fire and shoot Godzilla... With hand guns. I'm not joking. The lead tried to shoot the Female Muto with a...pistol. Wow. The mutos are interestingly different and similar and I like what abilities each one has and that the female is the larger ground one who guards the nest and the male is the smaller air one who gets food. There are plenty of Easter eggs and enjoyment to go around and I recommend this one. Best Godzilla movie and a pretty strong movie by itself.


Best Godzilla movie, ok movie. Enjoyment 9/10 Movie 7/10.