Kaiju Kreation Contest

It's me, Angry, with a kaiju creation contest! In honor of seeing the holy piece of goodness that is Pacific Rim, I have a little challenge. Create a kaiju that would fit into PR's universe. Guidelines

- Biology follows Earth logic

- Blue eyes and inside of mouth

- Blue or gold markings on body

- Mainly colored grey or black


Name of Kaiju -

Date Emerged from the Breach -

Category -

Status: Dead or Alive -

If Killed, By What Jaeger -

Basic Description -

Defining Feature -

Real Animal Based Off -

I'd prefer it with artwork, though a very detailed description for me to draw off of would be great too.

Everybody who enters a kaiju gets them a spot in my new Pacific Rim project, but 1 through 3 get main roles for their kaiju, a step by step of Kaiju creating by the Pre-cursors featuring their kaiju in the project, and a piece of art for any kaiju they wish by yours truely. So get on and start creating! :)

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