So I went to this year's G-Fest, and I must say, IT WAS GRAND. Lemme file out a few things I got to see:

The Dealer's Room

The Dealer's Room had a vast selection of kaiju, reaching so far as Revived Verokron, though a bit more expensive than last year, a normal 6 inch usually $20 Godzilla is $100, and so on. However, I DID manage to haul in a few more figures, them being:

6 inch Zetton

6 inch Baltan

6 inch-ish Ghidorah

6 inch Destoroyah

There was also a larger selection of attire, including Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla, 'My Little Kaiju', and a Kaiju Poker Game shirt. I also got to meet Godzilla video game creator Simon Strange at his Colossal Kaiju Combat booth, buying a pack of trading cards as well.

Dojo Studios

So I got to see a few suits there, them being Titanosaurus, got to take a picture with Godzilla himself, a half of Hedorah, and Mechagodzilla 1974 split in two. As well as a new flying fan-made monster with a Biollante like mouth. There were also miniatures of Tokyo Tower and a few buildings, and were CGI-ing in the backgrounds for the flying scenes of said fan-made monster.

Art and Models

The art was fantastic, as well as the models. I managed to buy an autographed Godzilla and Rhedosaurus drawing from Bob Eggleton, and saw many clay kaiju models of kaiju like Bagan, Krystalak, Obisidius, and many more. I also saw a Godzilla in-progress model being made from the clay itself, very interesting.


Overall, this was a great G-Fest, maybe the kaiju were a tad expensive, but asides from that small tack it was a great event, and I look forward to going to the rest! :D

AngryGodzillaPie (talk) 22:39, July 13, 2013 (UTC)AngryGodzillaPie