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    Indie Toku a-go-go BABY!

    November 20, 2013 by Aldo The Fox

    Tweet, text, Email, whatever!

    America might be getting it's first Tokusatsu convention, and by that I mean the ENTIRE genre! Plus, special appearance and panel IDW's Matt Frank!

    Details below:

    I cannot even begin to explain how important it is that we make this goal happen. Think of all the stuff that could happen for the genre if it got an annual convention. Exclusive Merchandise! Import DVDs and licensed releases! Oh, The possibilities!

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  • Aldo The Fox

    For those of you on the Tokupedia sites wondering why I've been so quiet lately in terms of edits. I have recently found the Gatchaman Wiki to be a bit abandoned in terms of users with only the founder making the occasional edits.

    So I have taken it upon myself to "birdsit" the wiki while he's away and I welcome any assistance from fans of the classic anime as well as watchers of the new Crowds series.

    I am also watching Gatchaman II for fun and research purposes and may do an episode list there when I'm done.

    The second reason is my job is consumes most of my time during the afternoon and nights of the week, so more cart-pushing and less typing.

    In the meantime, Tokupedia has slowed down. But that is to be expected as our showpages heavily r…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    A minor news announcement, as of today I am the head Admin of the Tokusatsu Fanon Wiki!

    If you are a Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers,Kaiju or just Toku fan in general... Come check out the latest member of the Tokupedia family and submit your artwork and story ideas!

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