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Hello there, I'm Darkrai Titanollante, also known as 493Darkrai or The493Darkrai. I'm a fan of kaiju and Godzilla, like you probably are.

I am a Wikia Star, the administrator of the Titanollante Wiki and the TimeSplitters Wiki, as well as a bureaucrat on Wikizilla and its Facebook page.

Most people, when they first learn about the wiki concept, assume that a Web site that can be edited by anybody would soon be rendered useless by destructive input. It sounds like offering free spray cans next to a grey concrete wall. The only likely outcome would be ugly graffiti and simple tagging, and many artistic efforts would not be long lived. Still, it seems to work very well.
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Hilarious False Statements

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Statements made by people which have no ground, are completely hyperbolic, and are hilariously outdated and wrong. Feel free to read these and laugh.

"The Godzilla wikia is hilariously notorious for misinformation, bullshit opinions being passed off as fact and an overall deplorable effort to maintain quality."

Random Toho Kingdom Forums user who does not even try to make Wikizilla a better place and just insults it behind everyone's back.

"Right I need to just step in and tell you guys you're only wasting your time. the Godzilla wiki is shit cause they allow kids to mod it and talk out of their asses and be biased. I got banned from there when I informed them my Zone Fighter Bio I wrote for Tohokingdom was used without my permission and thus were stealing. A mod no older then 12 banned me for 6 months cause I "hurt his feelings". I never looked back. They're not worth your time and if they come on here to start shit I'll ban them."

LivingCorpseX's quote on one of his YouTube videos. He was never blocked for 6 months, or any amount of time. While it was wrong to copy-paste from Toho Kingdom like that, there is no reason at all to say those lies.

"If you're refering to the WikiZilla wikia (the Godzilla and King Kong wiki) then I suggest that you should search better, because that site is not a reliable source, niether is it very correct, complete, nor well made. Please tell me that the site you're refering to is not WikiZilla. Please tell me your have a better site for reference to your claim!"

TurokSwe, the ultimate "American Godzilla" "fan".

"No one in the kaiju fandom take Wikizilla seriously."

MDK01, affiliate of Varg2000, in response to Wikizilla proving The Zilla Name Change on the comments section of Mill Creek's Godzilla: The Series DVD trailer. I guess because no one takes us seriously, that's why we get over 300,000 visitors a week and why "Zilla Name Change" is one of our most visited--and searched for--pages, while no one Googles "Zilla Name Change Myth."

To-Do List

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Things I have to do, but probably will take forever. I never update this list, by the way.
  • December 2013 - Standardize and detail every film article to be like the Godzilla (1954 film) article. - 1%
  • March 2014 - PROJECT STANDARD: 50%
  • March 2014 - PROJECT UNPLAGIARISM: 80%

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NO Goji fan calls Zilla by "Godzilla 1998", they either call him by the awful "Gino" nickname, the still awful and incorrect "American Godzilla", or just the correct term of "Zilla". I've gone on and on about the Zilla name change, I just want it to become a common fact, because there's the awful nicknames like the incorrect "Gino" and then there's TurokSwe, who's lying and going around lying saying the name change is a myth with strawman arguments and using blogs as sources, and all that stupid stuff that no one with an opinion worth listening to would believe. We need to call Zilla by "Zilla". Simple enough, many more people know Zilla than the nicknames it is given, it's just better than a longer/useless "American Godzilla"/"Godzilla In Name Only"/"Godzilla 1998"/"Tri-Star Godzilla"/"Hollywood Godzilla" and is more universal than the "Gino" which is only used by Goji purists in the Toho Kingdom forums and a select few YouTube comment sections. Let's just use Zilla. It's much better.

No one? Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Keep on believing that. Fans in the kaiju fandom who know that the Zilla Name Change is true outnumber ones that don't (like you) overwhelmingly. Also, the number of people who think Wikizilla is unreliable or plagiarized or some outdated crap like that are rapidly decreasing. The term "Zilla Name Change" appears as the second suggestion when one puts "Zilla N" on Google, and "Zilla Name Change Myth" doesn't appear as a suggestion at all, meaning no one is searching for it; no one believes it! When people search for the Zilla Name Change, they inevitably end up on Wikizilla (since we *almost* single-handedly proved the ZNC [with help of people like Gorizard and Henshin!Online and Weissfish, etc.] and were the first to make threads and pages about it) and those people read our well-sourced facts, which cite actual reliable sources. Unlike people who say the ZNC is "a myth", we don't use fan sites (like Toho Kingdom, whose "GODZILLA (Distributed)" articles are YEARS old and outdated, oh, and by the way, Zilla 1998 is called "Zilla" in Toho Kingdom's KWC, so, using TohoKingdom as a "reliable source" to say the ZNC is a "myth" is extremely close-minded and leaves out certain parts of the story: in other words, biased!) nor do we use blogs (like that "Monster Legacy" piece of crap. Oh, didn't you know blogs are biased by nature? Blogs made by a single person reflect that person's thoughts an opinions, therefore, blogs are FAR from a reliable source.), so we're already a million miles ahead of those who think the ZNC is a myth. You really seem like you didn't bother to read our article, since it proves the ZNC. Also, Zilla and Zilla Junior being incarnations of Godzilla doesn't change the fact that they were renamed. ONCE AGAIN, the series and film predate the name change, so OF COURSE they're going to be called "Godzilla" even though they aren't anymore! This DVD trailer only calls Zilla "Godzilla" because that's what the series calls them. It might be hard to accept something that completely goes against all you've known, but you have to if you ever want to be someone who anyone is going to honestly listen to and believe in. You want to call him "Godzilla"? Fine, just don't go around saying that's his real, official, legal name, because it isn't, and no amount of falsely saying Toho Kingdom is affiliated with Toho or using stupid blogs as "hard evidence" is going to disprove the ZNC.

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