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A mutated, multi-legged creature that is yet to be given a name appears in the 2012 Comic-Con teaser trailer for the 2014 Godzilla film, Godzilla.


The monster has no official name, though some fans call it "Vishnu," due to Robert Oppenheimer saying that name when the camera pans over the monster's corpse.


The monster has at least ten legs, with a long, seemingly segmented body and an insect-like head, greatly resembling a tardigrade. Its feet have four long fingers each. It also resembles Rokmutul, a concept monster for the 2014 film that came before it.


Legendary Series


The monster's history is unknown, though the Comic-Con 2012 trailer indicates that the monster would have been killed by Godzilla.



  • The Multi-Legged Monster was officially said by Gareth Edwards to have just been a placeholder monster that was never meant to be in the final film--merely in the 2012 Comic-Con trailer to show that Godzilla would indeed be fighting another monster in the 2014 film. - Dead Kamoebas SCR

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