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Toho Monster TV Film Project: Zone The Meteor Man (東宝怪獣TV映画プロジェクト流星人間ゾーン[仮題],   Tōhō Kaijū TV Eiga Purojekuto Ryūsei Ningen Zōn [Kadai]?, lit. Toho Monster TV Film Project Meteor Human Zone [Tentative Title]) is an unmade 1972 kaiju series.


After the planet Peaceland's lifespan runs short, the inhabitants flee to Earth only to be confronted by a band of intergalactic invaders called Garogas. The beings create multiple giant monsters to wreak havoc, and it is up to the Sakimori family to protect their new home planet.


Toho Monster TV Film Project: Zone The Meteor Man was an early draft of Zone Fighter, and was to establish multiple plot points and characters which were kept in the end production. However, not everything stayed, the most poignant examples including Hotaru Sakimori's hero form Zone Angel being capable of taking on a giant form similar to that of Zone Fighter's, and a panda-based monster called Pandaran which would grow to human size and protect Hotaru whenever she was in need of assistance. Also changed, the youngest member of the Sakimori family, Akira was not capable of transforming into Zone Junior and was never involved in any of the battles. Also, the heroes had to shake hands before being able to transform, the Peacelandians were not drove off their planet by the Garogas destroying it but by the planet's natural lifespan ending, and the monsters were not collectively titled "Terror-Beasts".[1] The proposed series would have been planned by Kunmei Takahashi and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka[1], who ended up only supervising the final project.[2][3]


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