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Comment1 Share (TOHO-AMUSEMENT-PARK,   TOHO-AMUSEMENT-PARK?, lit. TOHO-AMUSEMENT-PARK) is an official website created by Toho. The site is mainly used for events and merchandise, but it has been mostly replaced by


Toho-a-park originally had 8 main features, although most have been moved to leaving only 4 active pages. All pages are fully in Japanese.

DVD/Video contains a full home video shop, including DVDs for nearly every Toho production.

Goods was originally a page centered around goods, but has since moved to

Characters was originally a page centered around Toho's many characters, but has since moved to

Event was most likely going to be a hub to navigate Toho's various events, however it has been "in preparation" for many years.

Books originally contained a full book shop, but is currently being used to advertise the 2015 Toho calendar.

What's New is a page to display recent news, though, the page has not been updated since the creation of the DVD/Video page.

Map was most likely going to be a map of the website, but has been "in preparation" since 2007.

Center is a customer service page. Present on the page is a phone number for contacting Toho Customer Service.


In the website's lifetime it has created multiple sub-pages specifically for popular events or franchises. Although most are gone, some such as and can still be accessed.


External Links - Dead Kamoebas TOH

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