• Recently I was browsing Tumblr and found a movie we've yet to catalog. The film is known as Deep Sea Monster Raiga and was released in 2009. After a breif search I found that it wasn't here, so I made this post to get it some attention. Here are some production shots-

    Raiga 1-3
    Raiga 2-3
    Raiga 3-3

    I know literally nothing about this movie except that the monster's design and suit are pretty friggin' rad, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to hunt down information with me.

    EDIT - Apparently this movie is a sequel of sorts to a 2005 movie titled Deep Sea Monster Reigo, sometimes known as Reigo: the Deep Sea Monster vs. Yamato or Reigo the Deep Sea Monster vs. Yamato the Greatest Battleship, which featured a different monster and, if sources are true was much more serious than Deep Sea Monster Raiga. More info on these fims can be found here .

    Here's some images from that as well as more Raiga stuff -

    Reigo 1-5
    Reigo 2-5
    Reigo 3-5
    Reigo 4-5
    Reigo 5-5
    Raiga 1-6
    Raiga 2-8
    Raiga 3-8
    Raiga 4-8
    Raiga 5-8
    Raiga 6-8
    Raiga 7-8
    Raiga 8-8
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    • This would be worth a look - Perhaps, with Titano's permission, we could have his film up here.

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