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Species                         Nicknames
Mutated Shrew None
Height                           Length
Unknown Unknown
Weight                             Forms
Unknown None
Controlled by                 Relationships
None None
  Allies                             Enemies
None Zilla Junior, The Giant Centipede
First Appearance
The Twister 
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The Shrewster is a mutant shrew, created during a power-plant accident. He is extremely fast, possibly faster than any other kaiju on the planet, and is surrounded by a tornado.


During an accident at a power plant, a normal shrew was mutated into a gigantic beast encased in a mighty tornado. With H.E.A.T. chasing it after it almost killed them on the beach, the twister again confronted the team before Zilla Junior arrived and chased it off. Thanks to N.I.G.E.L.’s camera, the team was able to confirm that it was a creature before the creature bit the robot inside the tornado.

It then moved toward Manhattan where H.E.A.T. managed to insert a device that would destroy the tornado, but wasn't able to activate. Zilla Junior was knocked out by the twister and Nick was sucked up. Inside the twister, Nick activated the device and the tornado was dissipated.

The Shrewster revealed itself and attacked, but was again confronted by Zilla Junior. The shrew was trapped inside a nearby concert stage by H.E.A.T. and the metal support beams melted by Zilla Junior. The Shrewster was then supposed to be taken to Monster Island, but instead would fall into the hands of Maximillian Spiel and be used as entertainment for the rich. Being forced to fight against a Giant Centipede, and probably others, the Shrewster was eventually freed, but if it was taken to Monster Island or not remains unknown.



The Shrewster's primary form of transportation, defense, and attack all at the same time was a tornado that encased the Shrewster. There is no scientific full explanation on how the Shrewster is able to create a tornado. The tornado made the Shrewster a force to be reckoned with, allowing it to wreak havoc to cities and monsters alike and provide a form of protection from weapons such as Zilla Junior's radioactive breath. When the tornado was dissipated.


The Shrewster used his natural agility and ferocity to harass Zilla until it was defeated by the same creature. Since Zilla Jr is one of the fastest kaiju on record it is hard to think on how fast the Shrewster could go since its noticeably faster then Zilla Jr


The Shrewster surprisingly has a very high and a far jump. Reaching Zilla Jr by two jumps across a park and jumping even higher then Zilla Jr's height gaining an advantage to attack above.

Natural claws and teeth

The Shrewster was capable to make Zilla Jr bleed by just his claws also by using its speed. The Shrewster uses its teeth to grab a hold on instead of damage but is still effective due to it taking him Zilla Jr down.

Skilled Fighter

The Shrewster seemed to be experienced on how it could take down Zilla Jr.


The Shrewster withstood Zilla Jr's atomic breath but still felt pain but in a 1st degree burn instead of burning alive. Also being thrown across the park by Jr and not showing any sign of pain. When the Shrewster was defeated being put in a trap he also withstood Zilla Jr's weight being stood on him only showing signs of stress but being ok.


  • The Shrewster could be inspired by the creatures that starred in the film "The Killer Shrews," and also bears some resemblance to Taz the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons, due to the fact they both can create tornadoes that surround them.

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