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The Senior I Adore, Harry
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The Senior I Adore, Harry
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General Information
Directed by

Koichi Kawakita

Written by

Yoshio Urasawa

Production Information

Kawaii! JeNny

Episode number


Air date

October 8, 2007

The Senior I Adore, Harry is the fourth episode of Kawaii! JeNny.


The episode opens with Jenny fantasizing about a senior named Harry and becoming paranoid that her friends area also vying for his affections. She then entered a dream sequence in which she was a servant for Sister B, who, after beating Jenny with a fan, received word from the Bears that the Prince was holding a ball, and the four left Jenny to mind the house while they were out. At the Ball, the prince, played in Jenny's dream by Harry, was disgusted by Sister B and the Bears eating habits, while Jenny was given the means to go to the ball by two fairies played by Akira and Nadesico. At the Ball, Jenny was immediately selected by harry to be his dancing partner, and Sister B, after overeating, had to be carried home by the Bears. Jenny was then forced to leave the Ball due to it being midnight, the point at which the fairies' magic was set to wear off. The next day, Harry and a servant set out to find the girl Harry had danced with, and found Jenny. Upon seeing Jenny with Harry, the Fairies immediately began to show off for him, causing Jenny to break out of the dream and scold her friends for trying to take harry away form her, scaring him off in the process.


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