The Return of Godzilla (Soundtrack)

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The The Return of Godzilla soundtrack was released on 1989, with music by Reijiro Koroku.


  1. Main Theme
  2. The Two Meet
  3. Theme Song: Godzilla Comes Ashore
  4. Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant
  5. Izu/Oshima/Miharayama
  6. The Nuclear Satellite(s) in Outer Space
  7. Emergency Evacuation Orders
  8. Tokyo Bay: Godzilla Roars
  9. The Capital Goes Up in Flames
  10. The Super X Theme Song
  11. Dive Down to 400 - On The Double!
  12. The High-Rise Building, The Isolated Twosome
  13. Fight to the Death: Godzilla vs. Super X
  14. Godzilla Heads to Miharayama
  15. Ending Theme
  16. Farewell Theme
  17. Godzilla: Love's Theme
  18. Naoko's Theme 1
  19. Anxiety
  20. News Bulletin
  21. The Appearance
  22. Night View
  23. Naoko's Theme 2
  24. Testimon
  25. Naoko's Theme 3
  26. The Defense Force
  27. Background Music 1
  28. Background Music 2
  29. Background Music 3
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