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The Movie Monster Game is a 1986 computer game developed by Epyx for the Apple II and Commodore 64.


After the title screen, the player chooses their monster, location, and mode, then a skip-able cut scene starts showing the opening of a crowded cinema. It shows a few of Epyx's other games before "presenting their feature presentation". The game starts and the player must complete the objective. Instead of an HP Bar, there is an "Endurance Bar". In the Destroy Landmark and Search modes, the player has a "Proximity Bar", which fills up when the player gets closer to the object being searched for. In the Search mission the Proximity bar only appears for a few seconds when the young monster cries out.

The game offers a variety of scenarios, playable monsters, and cities to demolish (complete with famous landmarks, such as Tokyo Tower). The monsters are based on popular movie monsters such as:

There are six cities to choose from:

  • San Francisco
  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • London
  • New York
  • Moscow

There are five modes to play:

  • Escape - Get out of the city.
  • Lunch - Devour as much as you can.
  • Search - Search for the monster's kidnapped offspring.
  • Destroy Landmark - Search for and destroy a particular landmark from the city.
  • Berserk - Destroy as much of the city as possible.

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