The Kraken is one of the main monsters featured in the video game Crush, Crumble and Chomp!


The Kraken is a very large squid.


There have been different accounts of the origin of The Kraken. Some say it was caused by radioactivity leaking out of supposedly sealed containers buried near the Farallon Islands. Others claim it was a bacteriological warfare experiment carried out by the US Navy during the cold war, when a special germ strain was released into the wind off San Francisco. Whatever its origin was, it was first encountered in the stretch of the bay between Oakland and San Francisco, when a Polish seaman aboard the Liberian tanker Kumquat saw what he believed was a leafless tree in the sea.

Eventually, two cars and a group of tourists from Keokuk, Iowa were snatched off the Embarcadero. The Kraken proceeded north to the Oakland Bay Bridge and attacked a traffic jam before attacking the bridge itself. Amid a flurry of activity at the naval base on Treasure Island, a group of gay rights' activists were attempting to ascertain The Kraken's sexual preferences before deciding on which side of the conflict to place themselves.

The manual tells of an example scenario for The Kraken to engage in. Called It Came from Beneath Its Budget, The Kraken attacks the Golden Gate Bridge area, destroying any building and structure it can reach for.


The Kraken has great strength and can destroy any building within its reach.


The Kraken cannot leave the water.


  • The name and area of the scenario "It Came from Beneath Its Budget" is a reference to the film It Came from Beneath the Sea.