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The City in the Clouds (空中都市,   Kūchū toshi?) is the eighteenth episode of The Godzilla Power Hour.


The episode opens up with a Cargo Ship in the Mid-Atlantic region sailing into a Storm Cloud. Suddenly just as the boat's crew prepares to brace themselves for the storm, a Giant Dragon appears from out of the Storm Clouds and shorts out the Boat with a Bolt of Lightning it fires from its mouth. Frying all the power to their boat, the entire crew is forced to flee just as the Dragon destroys their Ship with another Lightning Bolt and then disappears back into the clouds it emerged from.

Sometime later, the Calico Crew is seen also entering the same Mid-Atlantic region when they too learn of the Storm Cloud's existence. Rather than navigate around it however, Quinn insists that they brave through it instead so as to test out their new meteorological equipment. The Calico Crew however quickly realize they've made a big mistake as the storm reveals that there is a giant Waterspout inside of it (a Tornado that's formed over Water.) With the Calico in danger of being drawn into the Waterspout, Majors manages to steer the ship away from the storm. Despite his success though, the Ship's power suddenly crashes and creates an ominous yellow glow inside of it known as "St. Elmo's fire." Majors is also unable to call upon Godzilla for help due to St. Elmo's fire affecting the Signal, and thus Godzooky is forced to call him instead. Godzilla answers Godzooky's call, but despite the assistance of the Monster King, both Godzilla and the Calico Crew are swallowed up by the Waterspout and carried into the Clouds above.

A short while later, the Calico Crew find themselves in an unknown land filled with nothing but Clouds surrounding them. With no power on the Calico, and Godzilla nowhere to be found, the Calico Crew begins their search to find him. They then discover to their shock that the Storm they were swallowed up by has carried them up into the Sky in the Clouds above the Storm. To add to their shock, they also discover a Utopian City nearby that's also above the Clouds. While Majors and Quinn look for some answers, Godzooky is left to look for Brock and Pete (whom have accidentally got separated due to the Clouds.)

As they look around, Majors and Quinn stumble upon a man known as Ze-us and his daughter, Anthia, who rule over the City. Ze-us reveals to Majors and Quinn that the both of them, as well as their City and its population comes from an alternate world above the Clouds and that they are all trying to come to Earth in order to escape from a monster known the "Power Dragon," whom has been terrorizing the City and its People. Majors and Quinn then inform them of Pete and Brock's disappearance and Ze-us sends Anthia to go find them. Meanwhile, Pete and Brock discover a Generator in the City and Pete is in danger of being sucked into one of the pipes leading into a Generator. Godzooky arrives, having followed after their scent, but he is unable to pull Pete back from the Pipe's suction and then he too become endangered of being pulled into the Generator. Luckily, they are both saved just in time by Anthia.

Then to everyone's horror, the Power Dragon appears from a Storm Cloud and begins its attack on Ze-us's city, destroying everything in its sight while looking for high concentrations of Energy to feed itself on. Despite Ze-us trying to hold off the Power Dragon with a weapon known as the "Thought-Amplifier," it cannot stand up to the Power Dragon Electrical Bolts. The Calico Crew then inform Anthia about Godzilla, to which they all learn is still trapped inside of the Waterspout from before. Anthia frees Godzilla from the Waterspout using the City's technology and Godzilla quickly finds his way into the City in the Clouds. Just as the Power Dragon corners and prepares to attack Ze-us, Anthia, and the Calico Crew, Godzilla arrives and engages the Power Dragon in battle. Despite the Power Dragon's ferocity, Godzilla quickly overpowers it, and the Power Dragon is forced to flee for its life.

Rather than showing gratitude in saving their city however, Zeus becomes overtaken by greed and power after learning that Majors can call upon Godzilla with his Signal and he attempts to seize the signal for himself. Godzilla attempts to save the Calico Crew from Ze-us and his guards, but is then sent into a portal directly into the Alternate World, trapping him there. With Godzilla trapped in the alternate world, the power-crazed Ze-us tries to steal the Godzilla Signal yet again. After a temporary distraction caused by Godzooky, he and Pete manage to escape. Majors, Quinn, and Brock however are not so lucky. After being cornered by Ze-us's Thought-Amplifier, Majors is forced to hand over the Signal, and the trio are locked up while Ze-us plans on using Godzilla to kill the Power Dragon in his new plan for Complete World Conquest, with Godzilla as his new weapon. Unknown to Ze-us and his men though, Pete and Godzooky manage to rescue Majors, Quinn, and Brock, and the Calico Crew begins planning on how to rescue Godzilla next. But first, as Ze-us tries to call Pete out of hiding, he is outsmarted by the Calico Crew and is disarmed of both the Godzilla Signal and his Thought-Amplifier.

Suddenly just as the Calico Crew scrambles to free Godzilla from the Alternate World, the Power Dragon returns and it attacks the Calico Crew. Despite the Power Dragon managing to destroy the portal to the Alternate World with its Electrical Bolts, Quinn uses the Thought-Amplifier to "imagine" the portal opening instead. The plan works and Godzilla is freed. Godzilla and the Power Dragon resume their battle, but unknown to the Power Dragon, Godzilla is luring them both back to the Waterspout that he and the Calico Crew both came out of. The Calico Crew is also forced to flee when Ze-us and his people pursue after them. During Godzilla and the Power Dragon's fight though, both monsters plunge into the Waterspout, but the Power Dragon manages to recover in mid-air while Godzilla falls back into the Ocean. Then during their battle, the Power Dragon is struck by a stray Lightning Bolt and it, along with all the People in the Cloud City (along with Ze-us and Anthia) suddenly disappear.

With the threat of the Cloud City and the Power Dragon mysteriously gone, the Calico Crew return back to their ship just as the entire City fades out of existence, and the Calico is carried back down into the Ocean by the Waterspout. Upon returning back to Earth, Quinn deduces that when Godzilla and the Power Dragon fell into the Waterspout, the Power Dragon's abundant energy caused the City's Generators (which were keeping the Cloud City to stay on Earth) to complete short out, sending the Power Dragon and all the People in the Cloud City back to their Alternate World. Finally to ensure that they'll never return again, Godzooky (abit clumsily) sits on the Thought-Amplifier, destroying it.




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