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The Birth of Japan Poster
Directed by                   Produced by
Hiroshi Inagaki Sanezumi Fujimoto,
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Written by                       Music by  
Ryuzo Kikushima,
Toshio Yasumi
Akira Ifukube
Distributed by                       Rating      
Toho Company Ltd. Unrated
  Budget                           Box Office
¥250,000,000 ¥344,000,000
Running Time
182 minutesJP
(3 hours, 2 minutes)
Designs Used

The Birth of Japan (日本誕生,   Nippon Tanjō?, lit. Japan Birth) is a 1959 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by Toho Company Ltd. It was released to Japanese theaters on November 1, 1959.


The Birth of Japan retells the story of the Yamata no Orochi legend, and features the great adventure of Susano as he fights the legendary serpent Orochi, in order to save the maidens of a village in the newly-formed Japanese country.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hiroshi Inagaki
  • Written by   Ryûzô Kikushima and Toshio Yasumi
  • Produced by   Sanezumi Fujimoto and Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Executive Producing by   Katsutaro Kawakami
  • Music by   Akira Ifukube
  • Cinematography by   Kazuo Yamada
  • Edited by   Kazuji Taira
  • Production Design by   Kisaku Ito and Hiroshi Ueda
  • Assistant Directing by   Teruo Maru
  • Special Effects by   Hidesaburo Araki, Eiji Tsuburaya, and Akira Watanabe


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Toshirô Mifune   as   Susanoo
  • Yôko Tsukasa   as   Princess Oto Tachibana
  • Akihiko Hirata   as   Kibino Takehiko
  • Kyôko Kagawa   as   Princess Miyazu
  • Takashi Shimura   as   Elder Kumaso
  • Setsuko Hara   as   Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess
  • Kumi Mizuno   as   Azami
  • Misa Uehara   as   Princess Kushinada
  • Kinuyo Tanaka   as   Princess Yamato
  • Akira Kubo   as   Prince Iogi
  • Akira Takarada   as   Prince Wakatarashi
  • Ganjirô Nakamura   as   Emperor
  • Eijirô Tôno   as   Ootomo
  • Jun Tazaki   as   Ootomo's Kurohiko
  • Ken'ichi Enomoto   as   God of Yaoyorozu
  • Hideyo Amamoto   as   Spectator at Gods' Dance
  • Shizuko Muramatsu   as   Goddess Izanami
  • Kichijirô Ueda   as   Kume's yahara
  • Akira Sera   as   Anazuchi
  • Minosuke Yamada   as   Okuri of Kunizo
  • Michiyo Tamaki   as   Ehime
  • Haruko Sugimura   as   Narrator
  • Kakuko Murata   as   Obaki's mother
  • Chieko Nakakita   as   Tenazuchi
  • Nobuko Otowa   as   Goddess of Anenouzume
  • Ikio Sawamura   as   Gods of Yaoyorozu
  • Hajime Izu   as   Prince Oousu
  • Bokuzen Hidari   as   God Amenominaka
  • Yû Fujiki   as   Okabi
  • Ichirô Arishima   as   Gods of Yaoyorozu
  • Jun'ichirô Mukai   as   Moroto
  • Kôzô Nomura   as   Ootomo Makeri
  • Hisaya Itô   as   Ootomo Kodate
  • Kô Mishima   as   Yakumo
  • Norihei Miki   as   Gods of Yaoyorozu




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Alternate Titles

  • Age of the Gods (Alternate Title)
  • Japan Birth (Literal Japanese Title)
  • Japan Is Born
  • The Three Treasures (United States)
  • The Three Treasures (Les Trois Trésors; France)
  • Three Treasures (Tres Tesoros; Spain)

Theatrical Releases

  • Japan - November 1, 1959  [view poster]The Birth of Japan Poster
  • United States - December 20, 1960  [view poster]The Three Treasures (The Birth of Japan) American Poster
  • Spain - 1972  [view poster]The Birth of Japan Spanish Poster
  • France  [view poster]The Birth of Japan French Poster



  • This is the only film where Orochi resembles a serpent, as opposed to a dragon.
  • The Birth of Japan is one of Toho's longest kaiju films, with a runtime of just over three hours.
  • In 1994, The Birth of Japan was loosely remade by Toho as Yamato Takeru.

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