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M-maybe it was thunder or- „ 

— Takeshi to Unberto Mori, referring to Godzilla's roar.

Takeshi J. Hamamoto
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Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Takeshi J. Hamamoto is one the Central Committee members on the Aratrum, and was introduced in the 2017 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.


Takeshi's appearance is relatively bare, being that of an older man. He wears the basic uniform of the Aratrum, and also wears glasses.


Takeshi's personality wasn't thoroughly explored during the events of the film, however, he was shown to be fearful of Godzilla's, upon learning of his survival, trying to dismiss his roar as thunder, upon hearing it.


Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Takeshi was first seen bringing up the potential return trip to Earth after the discovery of Tau-e's lack of habitability. He deems the return too risky and Endurph counters by bringing up how the Gematron isn't bound by time or distance, just energy, and as long as they have energy a trip is possible. Takeshi would express shock at the idea of an informant being within the Committee once the anti-Godzilla thesis was brought to their attention.

Following the Aratrum's return to Earth, Takeshi would be present to witness confirmation of Godzilla's survival, and would initially dismiss the roar they heard as weather, to Unberto Mori's anger. As the Committee spoke on Godzilla's survival and the implications present, Takeshi would question Metphies' sanity upon the proposal of extermination. Endurph would again counter, bringing up the anti-Godzilla thesis that the Exif drafted, to which Takeshi would bring up its anonymous author. Once Metphies revealed the thesis was written by Haruo Sakaki, Takeshi would be visibly surprised by the revelation. He would briefly take part in Haruo's explanation of his plan to defeat Godzilla.

His final appearance would be following Eliott Leland's demise at Godzilla's hand, where he'd be seen shocked, alongside Mori.


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