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Toho Actor
Tadao Takashima
Tadao Takashima
Osamu Sakurai, Susumu Hatanaka, Dr. Kenichiro Kawaji, Dr. Tsunezo Kusumi, Chief Hosono
Birth Date                       Birthplace
July 27, 1930 Muko, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
First Appearance               Notable Work  
Love of Cheerleader King Kong vs. Godzilla

Tadao Takashima (高島忠夫,   Takashima Tadao?) is a Japanese film and television actor. He is the husband of actress Hanayo Sumi and the father of actors Masanobu Takashima and Masahiro Takashima. Takashima appeared in several of Toho's kaiju films during the Showa era, most notably King Kong vs. Godzilla.


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