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Sweets Angels
Why Become A Sweets Angel?
Sweets Angels (Episode)
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General Information
Directed by

Koichi Kawakita

Written by

Yoshio Urasawa

Production Information

Kawaii! JeNny

Episode number


Air date

October 1, 2007

Sweets Angels is the first episode of Kawaii! JeNny.


The episode opens with a monologue, in which Jenny tells the viewer of Sister B's plan to eliminate all the "cute fashion" and "delicious sweets" from the world, expresses doubt as to her intentions. It then picks up with Jenny introducing herself as a second year high school-er, though her actions and mannerisms reflect those of a younger person, as she tries on clothes at a department store. She soon gets a call on her cell phone from a "Mr. Clown", who has a mission for her. on the way home, she meets her friend Akira, who travels with her to meet Nadesico, who is there waiting for them. Mr. Clown, by way of closed circuit TV tells them that their nemesis Secret Association Eibran is attacking the city. A Giant robot named Itazuran, who is being commanded by Sister B from inside. He proceeds to graffiti a building while a group of bears, named Bear-kun, Bear-chan, and Bear-san, watch from Eibran headquarters. Jenny arrives on her Gyro-Vespa to tell him to stop vandalizing, but is blown away when Itazuran releases his exhaust. The three heroines then transform into fighting mode, but Itazuran blows bubbles at the while Sister B orders the bears to steal the city's sweets. Jenny convinces them not to, as it will raise their blood sugar and slow their metabolism when they eat them, and Itazuran readies a bomb, which the Angels use against him to defeat him.


Characters & Monsters

  • Jenny
  • Akira
  • Nadesico
  • Sister B
  • Itazuran

Weapons, Vehicles, and Races