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Super X
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The Return of Godzilla
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The Return of Godzilla

The Super X (スーパーX,   Sūpā Ekkusu?) is an aerial vehicle used by the J.S.D.F. that first appeared in The Return of Godzilla.


An anti-war machine created by the Japanese government to defend the capital, the Super X is equipped with extremely heat resistant armor and features a wide variety of missiles in its armament. Although intended for nation related conflicts, the craft instead got its first use against Godzilla during the beast's siege on Tokyo. Their first confrontation was brief, with the Super X victorious after shooting flares into the sky and then discharging cadmium missiles into Godzilla's mouth when the creature roared in response. With the missiles working to counteract the beast's radioactive properties, it only took three direct hits to down the nuclear leviathan, seemingly for good. However, a Soviet missile, that was accidentally launched into the atmosphere, was on a direct course with Japan, and would effectively change this result. Through some last minute negotiations, America launched a counter missile, destroying the nuke above the skies of Japan. Unfortunately, the explosion causes a thunderstorm, with bolts of lightning striking the dorsal fins of the fallen King of the Monsters, in turn reviving the beast. Ready for a rematch, Godzilla pursues the Super X through the streets of Tokyo, obliterating skyscrapers and refineries in his way as the two continue an epic struggle. Eventually, Godzilla gains the upper hand after a blast of his atomic ray severely damages the flying mech. With victory at hand, Godzilla finishes off the military vehicle by toppling a large building onto it, crushing the Super-X and its pilots beneath thousands of tons of steel.


  • Flight at mach 1.
  • Equipped with Cadmium Missiles.
  • Laser Cannons.
  • Equipped with a wide variety of missiles.
  • Heat resistant layer.
  • Able to launch flares.

Video Game Appearances

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

The Super X makes frequent appearances as a stage enemy in this game, and is most common on Earth. It flies from the right of the screen to the the screen's center, where it will hover above the player, shooting Cadmium Missiles and dropping bombs towards the player's monster. Because it flies near the top of the screen, its attacks are more effective on Mothra. In the 'base' levels, The Super X adopts a different tactic, and flies towards the player, shooting at them. When hit by the player, the Super X falls out of the sky and either disappears or explodes.

Like the Moonlight SY-3, the larger fighter jets and Moguera's beams, the Super X is colored differently based on which monster the player is currently using. The Super X is blue when Godzilla is used, and gold if Mothra is used.


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  • In episode 70 of Sgt. Frog, the battleship resembles Super X.
  • A model of the Super X makes a cameo on the cover for issue #3 of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.
  • The Super X was the first VTOL military aircraft of the Heisei era.
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