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The SoshingekiMosuLarva (総進撃モス幼虫,   SōshingekiMosuYōchū?) is the Mothra larva puppet design used in the 1968 Godzilla film, Destroy All Monsters.


the SoshingekiMosuLarva's name comes from Destroy All Monsters' Japanese title, specifically sōshingeki (総進撃?), meaning attack of the marching [monsters], Mosu, from Mothra's Japanese name, Mosura (モスラ?), and larva, from the fact that it is a design for Mothra's larva form.


The SoshingekiMosuLarva is mostly based on the SanDaikaijuMosuLarva design, featuring the smooth brown body and red eyes. However, this design features some differences of its own. The prop sits much lower off the ground than previous designs and is shorter in length, to match this Mothra's smaller size in the film. The body is an even darker shade of brown than the SanDaikaijuMosuLarva. The head is very small, with the forehead not even coming up to the top of the body. The sockets around the eyes are slightly more rounded but less deep, making the eyes more plainly visible.



Destroy All Monsters

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