Son of Kong soundtrack
Son Of Kong Soundtrack
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Composed by:

Max Steiner



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King Kong


The soundtrack for Son of Kong was released by Marco Polo in February 2001 in a double pack with the score for The Most Dangerous Game. This CD features reconstructions of Max Steiner's original score for both films by John Morgan.


  1. Main Title (01:50)
  2. Ship at Sea (00:57)
  3. In Dakang (01:25)
  4. Runaway Blues (01:29)
  5. Firel (02:34)
  6. An Offer of Help (04:16)
  7. Memories (02:11)
  8. Chinese Chatter (04:05)
  9. Forgotten Island (04:14)
  10. Quicksand - Little Kong (03:57)
  11. The Styracosaur (00:46)
  12. The Black Bear (02:41)
  13. Finger Fixings (03:31)
  14. Campfire at Night (03:24)
  15. The Old Temple (02:21)
  16. Johnny Get Your Gun (00:34)
  17. Finale (04:59)
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