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The ShodaiRado (初代ラド?) is the Rodan suit design used in the 1956 Toho film, Rodan.


The ShodaiRado's name comes from shodai (初代?), meaning first generation, and Rado, which comes from Rodan's Japanese name, Radon (ラドン?).


The ShodaiRado suit featured a large but slim body, enormous wings, and a large jagged-head. This Rodan's face was different from any of the later suits as it had a menacing, angry expression on its face. Also, its beak was broader, more jagged and actually bared teeth inside its mouth. On top of its head, the suit had jagged horns. This suit also had large eyebrows which covered its eyes. It is unknown if this Rodan had pupils, but some models of the design sport distinctive pupils making it a possibility.

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  • This Rodan design is the only portrayal of Rodan to be a mahogany color.
  • ShodaiRado is widely considered to be the most menacing Rodan suit ever made. In fact, the Rodan suit in Godzilla: Final Wars, FinalRado, is practically based off of this suit, however the beak and wings are slightly different.
  • This Rodan design appears to have no pupils. However, in a few sculpted dioramas and maquettes, ShodaiRado has been shown to bare pupils. This leads to the conclusion that this Rodan actually did have pupils, since from a distance, most people can be fooled in appearance of birds sporting no eye pupils, though this could just be a fan speculation. The Revoltech Rodan figure didn't have pupils either, but rather pitch black eyes.

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