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Portrayed by:

Masao Fukazawa

First appearance:

Son of Godzilla

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All Monsters Attack

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The ShodaiMinira (初代ミニラ,   ShodaiMinira?) is the Minilla suit design used in the 1967, 1968 and 1969 Godzilla films, Son of Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters and All Monsters Attack.


In Son of Godzilla, the ShodaiMinira's name comes from shodai (初代?), meaning first generation, and Minira, which comes from Minilla's Japanese name, Minira (ミニラ?).

In Destroy All Monsters, the SoshingekiMinira's name comes from the film's Japanese title, specifically sōshingeki (総進撃?), meaning attack of the marching [monsters], and Minira, which comes from Minilla's Japanese name, Minira (ミニラ?).

In All Monsters Attack, the AllKaijuMinira's name comes from the film's Japanese title, specifically ōru kaijū (オール怪獣?), meaning all kaiju, and Minira, which comes from Minilla's Japanese name, Minira (ミニラ?).


ShodaiMinira is the same dark green-gray color all over, the only exceptions are the mouth, which is pink, as well as its eyes and teeth, which are white. It has big eyebrows and an almost humanoid nose, somewhat like MusukoGoji's.

Its snout is very small, much smaller than the normal Showa Godzilla suits, thus giving it a humanoid appearance. It seems that the suit has a smile most of the time. The suit has very small dorsal fins in its back as well. This suit is also called the SoshingekiMinira (総進撃ミニラ?) in Destroy All Monsters, and AllKaijuMinira (オール怪獣ミニラ?) in All Monsters Attack.

An animatronic puppet was also created and used to portray Minilla just after he hatches in Son of Godzilla. This puppet bears some marked differences from the suit, including a more spherical head and a lighter skin tone.

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