The Shin Godzilla Playstation 4 VR Demo, also known as Shin Godzilla Special Demo Contents is a virtual reality game demo based on the 2016 Godzilla film Shin Godzilla, that was released for the Playstation VR on October 13, 2016.


The VR title was announced on June 14, 2016[1] as a Japan exclusive demo, releasing the same day as the Playstation 4 VR, but was noted to be free to download and play.

During the game's development, the film's CG data was used to capture and fully realize the incarnation of Godzilla present within the title.


This game doesn't have actual gameplay, but instead acts as a pseudo simulator where the player takes the role of a civilian caught in the middle of Godzilla's rampage and the military's counterattack on him.

The player will start out hearing ominous footfalls from the titular creature, and will awaken at night in a destroyed city. Soon after, Godzilla's looming tail will pass over the player's head, before slowly moving behind a building, to which Godzilla finally appears in full form, letting out a loud roar to make his presence known.

A small squadron of attack helicopters arrives, and they open fire on Godzilla, who then slowly turns his massive lumbering body, and begins to inadvertently make his way over to the player, roaring every so often as he nears his attackers, and them.

More firepower's unloaded into Godzilla, who remains steadfast in his path, kicking up large sections of the ground with his actions. Finally, one large boulder is thrown into the air by his movements, and it lands on the player, killing them, and leaving only the ominous footsteps remaining to end the VR demo.



Shin Godzilla (PS4) - Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Virtual Reality 1080p 60fps PS VR02:21

Shin Godzilla (PS4) - Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Virtual Reality 1080p 60fps PS VR


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