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Sazer Tawlon (セイザータウロン,   Seizā Tauron?), real name Naoto Matsuzaka (松坂直人,   Matsuzaka Naoto?) is a earth-based GranSazer and leader of the Earth Tribe created by Toho who first appeared in episode 3 of the 2003 tokusatsu kaiju series, Super Star God GranSazer titled Assemble! The Flame Tribe.


Sazer Tawlon is an earth warrior under the sign of Taurus and wears yellow colored armor shaped after a bull.[1]


Super Star God GranSazer

Naoto Matsuzaka was once a famous & highly-prized artist who is now retired, going back to teaching young talents the ways of self-defense. Often he is not to be found, because Naoto constantly seeks to become stronger & better, not just independently but in total isolation, despite the fact that he already is a powerhouse. He would never give up, no matter how bad the odds are for him.

Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers

Naoto Matsuzaka reprises his role as Sazer Tawlon to assist his fellow Sazers, the Justirisers, and Sazer X.

Super Star God GranSazers: Super Battle Memory



Knuckle Riser

Sazer Tawlon, like all GranSazers, owns a Knuckle Riser which transforms him.

Bull Cannon

Sazer Tawlon possesses a pair of shoulder cannons called the Bull Cannon which can be used to perform the "Matador Burst" attack which is a charged shot.[1]


Sazer Tawlon shares ownership with the other Earth Tribe members over the Guncaesar.



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