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Sazer Tarious (セイザータリアス,   Seizā Tariasu?), real name Tenma Kudou (弓道天馬,   Kudō Tenma?) is a fire-based GranSazer and leader of the Flame Tribe created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 2003 tokusatsu kaiju series, Super Star God GranSazer titled Awaken! The Warrior of the Stars.


Sazer Tarious is a flame warrior under the sign of Sagittarius and wears bright red, black, white, and gold armor shaped after a falcon.[1]


Super Star God GranSazer

Tenma Kudou is a naive postal worker who was introduced to being a Sazer when he was confronted by Sazer Velsou. His anger and inner strength caused him to transform into the powerful Sazer Tarious. With this new-found superhero form, Tenma was able to quickly defeat Velsou. It was then explained to him that he was a member of the Flame Tribe and a direct descendant of an ancient being. He is initially weary of committing to the tribe, but soon accepts his role as leader and grows fond of his comrades; especially Mika Shidou.

Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers

Tenma Kudou reprises his role as Sazer Tarious to assist his fellow Sazers, the Justirisers, and Sazer X.

Super Star God GranSazers: Super Battle Memory



Knuckle Riser

Sazer Tarious, like all GranSazers, owns a Knuckle Riser which transforms him.

Falcon Bow

Sazer Tarious possesses a bow weapon called the Falcon Bow which can be used to perform the "Burning Falcon" attack which involves the shooting of a giant flaming projectile.[1]

Cosmo Punch

Sazer Tarious can perform an attack called Cosmo Punch where he leaps into the air and thrusts his fist toward the opponent whilst spinning.

Flame Driver

Sazer Tarious pilots a falcon-based aerial vehicle.


Sazer Tarious shares ownership with the other Flame Tribe members over the Garuda.



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  • Being under the sign of Sagittarius who is usually depicted as a winged creature wielding a bow, Sazer Tarious's Falconidae features and Falcon Bow may be inspired by the astrological sign he represents.


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