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Sazer Pisces (セイザーパイシーズ,   Seizā Paishīzu?), real name Ai Uozumi (魚住愛,   Uozumi Ai?) is a water-based GranSazer created by Toho who first appeared in episode 13 of the 2003 tokusatsu kaiju series, Super Star God GranSazer titled Attack! The Impactors.


Sazer Pisces is a water warrior under the sign of Pisces and wears aqua colored armor shaped after a orca/whale.[1]


Super Star God GranSazer

Ai Uozumi is a caring and friendly nurse working at the same hospital as Akira. Right after their first encounter, Ai developed a crush on him. Ai was in love with Akira Dentsuin. Later that day, she and her long-time friend Tappei were attacked by Lucia and Ai had to transform to protect herself. At the nick of time, she was saved by Sazer Remls. Eventually she found out that a man she had known for years was in fact related to her and this man was kidnapped by Logia. She followed them and freed him in time. Ai has a more than kind nature, even feeling mercy for those who tried to kidnap and kill her; but she is also serious and devoted to her mission. She is the youngest Gransazer.

Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers

Ai Uozumi reprises her role as Sazer Pisces to assist her fellow Sazers, the Justirisers, and Sazer X.

Super Star God GranSazers: Super Battle Memory



Knuckle Riser

Sazer Pisces, like all GranSazers, owns a Knuckle Riser which transforms her.

Aqua Blitz

Sazer Pisces possesses a small gun which can be used to perform the "Blink Shot" attack which is a strong blast.[1]

Aqua Driver

Sazer Pisces pilots a dolphin-based aerial vehicle.


Sazer Pisces shares ownership with the other Water Tribe members over the Leviathan.



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  • Sazer Pisces is the youngest of all GranSazers.


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