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SF Debris
SF Debris Opinionated Reviews is a Blip webseries created and hosted by Charles Sonnenburg. The series does in-depth intellectual and background analysis of films and television series episodes, which is mixed with summarizing the episode or film and bits of Mr. Sonnenburg's quirky style of humor.

Among the films he has reviewed, he has taken on requests and reviewed film entries in the Godzilla franchise and may do more depending on his schedule, possibly to coincide with Godzilla's 60th anniversary in 2014.

Charles Sonnenburg

Charles Sonnenburg aka SF Debris is a professional Internet reviewer from Menasha, Wisconsin USA. He is a sci-fi and fantasy fan with his own unique style of reviewing and has achieved some fame online for it, most notably his Purella Magi Madoka episode reviews, which were featured on the news blog site Kotaku in an article. (Ironically, Charles has stated he is not a die hard fan of anime.)

Charles has stated on his website that he does take requests in addition to his own reviews, but needs to be paid in advance via donations for his time working on it, as he has a family to support. After submitting an audition, on July 29, 2014, Charles Sonnnenberg became an official contributor and member of

List of Godzilla Reviews

Upcoming Reviews

  • TBA

(*Disclaimer: Please turn off all ad blockers when viewing his videos, the ads viewed on Blip help pay for his show and support his kids. If you are unable to turn it off due to technical problems watching the videos, please donate what you can to his site to show your support.)

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