Gigan (2004)

Gigan (2004) was revealed at Tamashii Nations 2013. It was released on April 19, 2014. It comes with 2 hook hands, 2 chainsaw hands, a serrated head spike, 2 serrated mandibles, 2 bladed mandibles, a bladed head spike, and a second armored neck.


A Mothra figure was shown at Summer Wonfest. It is based on the HeiseiMosuImago puppet from Godzilla vs. Mothra. Release date was April 25, 2014. It came with a flying stand and baseplate.

Battra Larva and Mothra Larva

Battra and Mothra Larva has been released as of June 2014 in a double pack. Mothra comes with a piece of webbing.

Adult Godzilla Junior

The figure was confirmed to be real via scans from a Japanese magazine, where it is simply called "Godzilla", but it has been confirmed to be the grown-up Junior from the end of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. The figure is officially called "Godzilla [1995 Birth]," and is actually a remolded Burning Godzilla. This figure was released on July 31, 2014. It was set for a reissue in October 2015.

Godzilla (2014)

Confirmation of the figure's existence was presented at the 2014 Toy Fair alongside a projected Summer 2014 release. It was shown under a black veil with a September 2014 release date.

Godzilla Effect Pack 2

The second effect pack was released in 2014. It came with 4 damaged buildings, 1 exploding beam type, 1 basic beam type, a fire stand, and a cracking ground stand.

Toho Ultimate Weapons Pack 2

The Super X3 effect pack was released in 2014, and includes the Super X3, 4 MBT-92s, 4 MBAW-93s, 3 ASTOL-MB93s, 2 damaged buildings, a baseplate and stand for the Super X3. It also comes with the cadmium missile pod and freeze ray for the Super X3. The buildings can be used as stands for the ASTOLs or the Super X3. The stand has the same connection that was used for the flying vehicles in the first effect pack.

MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu Mechagodzilla (2003)

Kiryu, based on his 2003 incarnation from Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., was released in November, 2014 as a web exclusive. It is a remold of the Kiryu 2002 figure, and painted in a more silver-gray than the previous. It was remolded to include the Tripple Hyper Maser Cannon in its chest rather than the Absolute Zero Cannon. The chest flaps were also remolded to match this version of Kiryu. The right arm was changed to reveal gears and a different shoulder. It was given a new hand to make it look like it could become the drill. It comes with a Tokyo S.O.S. style backpack and arm lasers, a battle-damaged head with one eye, and a drill part.

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