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Robot Daughter is an unmade giant feminine robot from the unmade 1956 Godzilla film, Bride of Godzilla.


The Robot Daughter does not have an official name, and "Robomusume" is a fanmade name that comes from "Robot" and "musume," meaning daughter in Japanese.[1]


Robot Daughter is described to be made in the image of the foster daughter of Dr. Shida and is mentioned to be naked.


Bride of Godzilla

Robot Daughter was built by Dr. Shida in the image of his foster daughter. Robot Daughter is sent to protect Japan, after it is discovered that a group of giant monsters are leaving the Hollow Earth. She defeats Giant Chameleon, Giant Archeopteryx, and Anguirus in turn, and fights Godzilla, who falls in love with her. Later on, she takes Godzilla to the center of the Hollow Earth. There, she detonates the Hydrogen Bomb in her chest, killing Godzilla and sealing off the entrance to the Hollow Earth.


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