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The ReoMosuImago (レオモス成虫,   ReoMosuSeichū?) is the Mothra imago puppet design used in the 1996 film, Rebirth of Mothra.


In Rebirth of Mothra, the ReoMosuImago's name comes from another kaiju's name, Mothra Leo (モスラレオ?), Mosu, from Mothra's Japanese name, Mosura (モスラ?), and Imago, from the fact that it is a design for Mothra's Imago form.


The ReoMosuImago retains many of the key features of the previous Mothra imago design, but has been changed somewhat. The wings now possess a new pattern and now fold and flap more realistically, giving the prop a more lifelike appearance. The prop's face is wider, while the eyes sit further on the sides of the head. The eyes are changed from blue in color to a turquoise shade. The antennae are much longer and thicker, and feature a tuft of fur at their tips, giving them a closer appearance to real moth antennae. The legs retain the birdlike design, but are longer and thicker, with visible white claws on the feet.



Rebirth of Mothra




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