The RaishuTirano (来週ティラノ,   RaishūTirano?) is the Tyrannosaurus rex puppet design featured in Rebirth of Mothra III.


The RaishuTirano's name comes from the Japanese word raishu (来週,   Raishū?), meaning attacks, which comes from Rebirth of Mothra III's Japanese title, and tirano (ティラノ?), which comes from the Japanese name for a Tyrannosaurus rex, Tiranosaurusu rekkusu (ティラノサウルス·レックス?).


The RaishuTirano is strongly based on contemporary depictions of T. rex in the 1990's and 2000's. The puppet possesses a vertical stance with its tail held in the air behind it, large theropod legs, two small arms with two digits, and a large head. The puppet is a greenish-brown color. Compared to the ShodaiTirano, the RaishuTirano puppet is more streamlined and less 'obese' to comply with the then-current scientific understanding - the puppet also holds its tail erect as opposed to dragging it along the ground.

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