Pandaran (パンダラン,   Pandaran?) is an unmade panda kaiju that would have appeared in episodes of the scrapped 1972 Toho show, Toho Monster TV Film Project: Zone The Meteor Man.


Much of Pandaran's design is unknown, however it was conceptualized to resemble a puppet-like panda doll and grow to human size when need be.[1]


Toho Monster TV Film Project: Zone The Meteor Man

In one of the early drafts of Zone Fighter, Hotaru Sakimori, better known by her hero persona Zone Angel would have had a fondness of Pandas, and because of this carried a panda doll around with her. However, when Hotaru was faced with danger the doll would grow to human size and defend its master.[1] This character would have most likely appeared in various episodes throughout the series. However, this concept was scrapped in the next drafts, and ultimately went unused in the final production.


Pandaran's only known abilities are size changing. It is unknown whether or not it would also possess further abilities for other purposes, notably combat.



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