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Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus

Giant Devilfish
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King Kong
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Eiji Tsuburaya

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King Kong vs. Godzilla
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War of the Gargantuas

Daidako (大ダコ?, Daidako, lit. Large Octopus) is a giant octopus kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1962 Godzilla film, King Kong vs. Godzilla.


Toho's official name for the creature is "Daidako", or "Giant Octopus", as shown in promotional material for Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.[1] as well as the website. "Oodako" is a fanmade nickname which translates to giant octopus, like Ookondoru for the giant condor.


Showa Series

King Kong vs. Godzilla

In King Kong vs. Godzilla, the Giant Octopus crawls ashore on Farou Island and attacks a village hut in an attempt to get the special soma berry juice that the natives store there. The natives, along with members of a pharmaceutical company, attempt to defeat the Giant Octopus with spears and shotguns, but to no avail. King Kong then appears behind a giant wooden fence, crumbling it with his bare hands and throwing the pieces at the Giant Octopus. Kong grabs the Giant Octopus, but the octopus holds tightly on to Kong's head. After a short struggle, Kong pulls the monster off and throws it to the ground. He then throws two boulders at the Giant Octopus's head. The Giant Octopus flees back to the beach and presumably returned to the sea.

Frankenstein vs. Baragon

In the alternate ending for the film, after Frankenstein defeats Baragon, the Giant Octopus comes from the sea and fights Frankenstein. Frankenstein battles fiercely, but can't compete with the Giant Octopus's numerous and powerful tentacles. The Giant Octopus drags Frankenstein in to the water, seemingly to his death.

War of the Gargantuas

In War of the Gargantuas, the Giant Octopus attacks a fishing boat, but is defeated by the Green Gargantua, Gaira.



Main Article: Gallery:Giant Octopus.


  • The inclusion of the Giant Octopus in Toho's vast slate of monsters may be the fulfillment of a dream of special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya, who had always wished to make a monster film with a giant octopus.
  • For the Giant Octopus scene in King Kong vs. Godzilla, four live octopuses were used. They were forced to move among the miniature huts by having hot air blown onto them. After the filming of that scene was finished, three of the four were released. The fourth became special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya's dinner. Along with the live animals, two rubber octopus props were built, with the larger one being covered with plastic wrap to simulate mucus. Some stop motion tentacles were also created for the scene where the octopus grabs a native and tosses him.
    • The larger octopus prop would later find a name, Sudar, in an episode of Ultra Q. Stock footage of both Sudar and the Giant Octopus's attacks were then used for Tsuburaya Production's Fight! Mighty Jack.
  • Each monster that the Giant Octopus fought with was of primate origin (King Kong, Frankenstein, and Gaira).
  • The Giant Octopus is one of the four minor Showa era monsters, who include the Giant Lizard, Skeleturtle, the Giant Condor, the Giant Sea Serpent, and the Giant Octopus, to have received one or more official toys.[2][3] The others are Skeleturtle, the Giant Condor and the Giant Sea Serpent.


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