Oto island

Godzilla appears on Odo Island in Godzilla (1954)

Odo Island (大戸島,   Ōdo Shima?) is a small populated fictional island near Japan, possibly a part of the Bonin Islands. It is the location where Godzilla was first sighted in the 1954 Godzilla film, Godzilla.


Showa Series


One day, a raft containing survivors of a shipwreck washed up on Odo Island. One of the survivors was Masaji Yamada, a native of the island, who claimed that a huge monster destroyed their boat. One of the village elders concluded that the monster in question was Godzilla, a legendary sea monster from the island's folklore. When a group of reporters from the Japanese mainland arrived to investigate, the elder explained that Godzilla will rise from the sea to feed on humanity. In the past when fishing was poor, he said, the villagers used to tie girls to rafts and float them out to sea as a sacrifice to Godzilla. A traditional exorcism ceremony was held on the island that night, all that remained of the island's mythological traditions. Later that night, a powerful storm struck the island. Masaji Yamada's house was destroyed by some massive force, leaving his younger brother Shinkichi alone. Following the devastation, a group of witnesses from the island traveled to Tokyo to speak at the National Diet Building. Shinkichi testified that he saw a gigantic monster destroy the buildings on the island, while other witnesses claimed that the damage on the island looked like something had crushed various buildings from above. Paleontologist Kyohei Yamane agreed to form a scientific expedition to the island to investigate.

On the island, Yamane's team detected large levels of radiation on one side of the island. They also discovered a huge radioactive depression on the ground, in which Yamane discovered a perfectly preserved Trilobite. Suddenly, a lookout on the island began to ring a bell, announcing that Godzilla had been seen on the other side of the island. Everyone ran to a hill on the island, where they were all confronted with the 50-meter reptilian beast himself. Godzilla roared at the crowd, causing them to flee in terror. Godzilla then walked back to the ocean and swam away.

Post-Millennium era

Shin Godzilla

On Odo Island, Gojira's name meant "incarnation of God". Goro Maki, a former native, studied the monster before its reemergence.

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