Mutant Jellyfish

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Mutant Jellyfish
Mutant Jellyfish
Species                         Nicknames
Mutated Jellyfish None
Height                           Length
 ? 40 feet
Weight                             Forms
20 tons None
Controlled by                 Relationships
None None
  Allies                             Enemies
None Zilla Junior
First Appearance
Future Shock 
To be added

The Mutant Jellyfish fought Zilla Junior in the episode "Future Shock". In the episode it is seen tracked down by H.E.A.T. and Zilla Junior. When H.E.A.T. came back from the future Zilla Junior already destroyed it with his jaws.


  • Regular Abilities: Very weak acid globs from the mouth
  • Special Abilities: Fast swimming


  • Oddly enough, the Mutant Jellyfish looks nothing like a Jellyfish.

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