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ムービーモンスターEX Wave 1
The Movie Monster EX series (ムービーモンスターEXシリーズ,   Mūbī Monsutā Ī Ekkusu Shirīzu?) is the fourth line of 6-inch Godzilla figures by Bandai Japan that were Japanese releases of American Bandai Creation figures. The line began in 2015.


The Movie Monster EX series' first wave was released on February 14, 2015. Each figure was priced at ¥1600. The first wave included Godzilla 1968, King Ghidorah 2001, Rainbow Mothra 1998, King Caesar 1974 and MechaGodzilla 1974. Every figure in the first wave was taken from America's Bandai Creation's Godzilla line—which had not been released in Japan—and had the same molds and paint jobs (save for the Rainbow Mothra 1998 figure, which has slightly different paint job from its American release).[1]


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