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Monster Planet of Godzilla (怪獣プラネットゴジラ,   Kaijū puranetto Gojira?) was a 'Godzilla simulator' featured at the now-defunct Sanrio Purioland theme park in Japan, which was first launched in 1994. It featured new footage produced by Toho using the RadoGoji Godzilla suit, and the HeiseiRado and HeiseiMosuImago puppets.


The attraction's storyline is based around Godzilla traveling across Japan, and fighting Fire Rodan and Mothra, as well as fending off an attack by the J.S.D.F., with their new, powerful weapon, Earth. Eventually, Godzilla is levitated away by Earth's weaponry. The film used surround sound, and was aided by the use of large speakers inside the attraction and a cinema-sized screen.



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  • The attraction is notable for its use of odors to enhance the viewing experience. For certain scenes, such as when Godzilla was burning the city, smells of smoke would be used.
  • From comparing Godzilla's height to the surrounding buildings in the city scenes, he is roughly 50 meters tall, the same height as his Showa counterpart.
  • The attraction's footage was later released as a bonus feature for the Japan-only Godzilla Final Box and the Japanese Blu-Ray/DVD release of the 2014 film.

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