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The MonsterVerse is a term used to identify the Godzilla and Kong film series produced by Legendary Pictures.


Godzilla film series

King Kong film series


Monsters introduced

Godzilla film series

King Kong film series



  • All of the films in the Legendary series are set to be distributed by Warner Bros. (except in Japan), despite Legendary's current distribution partner being Universal Pictures. This is because Toho's deal with Legendary to grant them the Godzilla license was made exclusively with it and Warner Bros.
  • The MonsterVerse is the first series in which Godzilla does not deliberately cause destruction in the first film. While Godzilla was portrayed as a protagonist monster in the first film of the Millennium series, Godzilla 2000: Millennium, he was still depicted causing destruction and attacking humans, while the Godzilla in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla is never seen intentionally causing destruction or threatening human characters, though he does cause some destruction as a byproduct of his size.
    • In a complete inversion, while the Legendary Godzilla is the least malevolent and destructive Godzilla, the Shin Godzilla released by Toho to coincide with the series portrays the most malevolent and destructive Godzilla.
  • The MonsterVerse will be the first series to show new monsters since the Heisei era. A majority of Godzillas foes are clones of himself, robotic counterparts,or monster he has faced in the past.
  • The MonsterVerse will be the first series to feature a meeting between Godzilla and King Kong since the Showa series.
  • The MonsterVerse will also be the first series to not introduce mechas due to the MonsterVerse going for a realistic approach.
    • The origin of Godzilla and the other kaiju were retconned from radioactive mutants created by nuclear weapons to natural, prehistoric radiovores re-awakened by human activity. It is likely Ghidorah, usually portrayed as an extraterrestrial, would be made an earth kaiju for the more "realistic" depiction.
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