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Moguera (モゲラ,   Mogera?) is a Mysterian mecha created by Toho that first appeared in the 1957 film, The Mysterians.


Moguera's name is derived from mogura, the Japanese word for mole. This is because, in addition to being a combat robot, the machine also displays the ability to dig.


Showa Series

The Mysterians

Mogera Thing

Moguera in The Mysterians

Moguera was a war machine created by the Mysterians. They sent Moguera to attack a village and destroy its shrine. Moguera moved up the river and was attacked by policemen. Moguera then destroyed a power plant, and then attacked a town. It was attacked by the military, but their weapons had no effect. Moguera was defeated when it tried to cross a bridge that was rigged to explode.

Moguera (No. 2)
Mogera (2-gō)

Moguera No. 2 in The Mysterians

After the first Moguera was destroyed, another Moguera named Moguera No. 2 (モゲラ(2号),   Mogera (2-gō)?) was released and it attacked from underground. It dug up too close to a Markalite Cannon, which collapsed on it, destroying the machine.

Recommend! Godzilland

Godzilland Mysterian Cameo

Moguera in the opening sequence of the addition and subtraction Recommend! Godzilland OVAs

Moguera appears as a background character in the addition and subtraction Recommend! Godzilland OVAs. Moguera is frequently seen burrowing or popping out of the ground, but never has any dialogue or interaction with the other kaiju. In the opening sequence, Moguera can be seen with its upper body poking out of the ground while holding an umbrella with a small ornament of a Mysterian hanging from it.

Godzilla Island

Cast protomoguera

Proto-Moguera in Godzilla Island

Moguera appeared in the TV show Godzilla Island, and was known as Proto-Moguera (プロトモゲラ,   Puroto Mogera?) so that it wouldn't be mistaken for the other Moguera that appeared in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. Proto-Moguera was ultimately stolen by Zaguresu after Black MechaGodzilla was captured by G-Guard. Proto-Moguera was then sent retreating into space with Zaguresu after Torema piloted the superior MechaGodzilla against it.


  • Moguera can fire beams from its eyes
  • Moguera emits a high temperature
  • Moguera has the ability to burrow


Video Game Appearances

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

Appearing on the first world, the giant mech Moguera will follow Godzilla and Mothra throughout the game, attacking them on each world. Moguera lacks versatility as he is only able to walk across the stage rather slowly, usually in response to the player's movement; in fact, if the player advances on Moguera there is a chance he will back himself into the corner. On top of that, a strange glitch triggers that makes Moguera unable to attack or fight back at all until the player moves backwards. Moguera can jump, not very well however, but it will still be enough to knock Mothra to the ground if she is too close. While Moguera lacks the maneuverability of Gezora, he makes up for it with fire power as his Eye Beam will deal noticeable damage to either Godzilla or Mothra; furthermore, the beam is incredibly accurate and its very rare that either Godzilla or Mothra will be able to dodge it. Moguera has two variations on his Eye Beam, one a bright red and the other a brown; which he uses depends on who he is fighting against, bright red against Godzilla and brown against Mothra. The difference in the beams, however, is purely cosmetic.

Godzilla: The Game

Kaiju Guide

Moguera, the Space Robot

Kaiju Guide Moguera

The Mysterians, an alien race who plotted to invade the earth, developed this large-scale robot for construction work during colonization. With body armor made of Mysteroid Steel, a substance boasting 200 times the strength of regular steel, it was deployed as an offensive weapon against the humans when they resisted. It moves through the earth by rotating its full-body treads and the drills on its arms and nose while emitting a signal.

Moguera debuted in the Sci-Fi movie "The Mysterians" (1957), becoming Toho Pictures' first robot monster. During the planning stages it was made with full-body treads along with a miniature model featuring built-in functional mechanisms, but they did not operate smoothly, so a full-body costume ended up being used in the film.

50 meters
50,000 tons
Death ray
"The Mysterians"


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Like the Heisei Moguera, the original Moguera did not have an actual roar, although its weapons and attacks did make sounds.


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