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Toho Character
M Fujiyama
Species Nationality
Human Japanese
Occupation Relationships
Singer Yukio Keuchi (love interest)
First appearance Last appearance
Godzilla vs. Hedorah {{{latestappearance}}}
Portrayed by
Keiko Mari

Miki Fujiyama is a protagonist in the 1971 film, Godzilla vs. Hedorah.


Showa Series

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

While singing in a nightclub, her act is cut short when some of Hedorah's sludge seeps into the building. The club was evacuated, and while in her boyfriend Yukio Keuchi's car, the two saw Hedorah and Godzilla preparing to fight. They stayed and watched Godzilla ward the Smog Monster off, and the next day they take the Yano family to the place where they saw the monsters fighting to allow Toru Yano to collect some samples. In Toru's laboratory, he was able to identify the long term effects of Hedorah's presence and explain them to Miki and Yukio. The next day, Yukio took Miki and Ken Yano to an amusement park, where Ken fears he saw Godzilla. Yukio assured him that no monsters would come on such a nice day, but he was quickly proven wrong. On their way home from the park, Miki and Yukio were attacked by Hedorah, and only barely managed to escape. While attending a party on top of Mount Fuji, Yukio is killed, and Miki and Ken are the only survivors who stay to watch the fight. After Hedorah was defeated, Miki and Ken bade farewell to the monster and watched him retreat across the scarred landscape.


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