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Meru head of the G-Force psychic Division

Meru (played by atress, Sayaka Osawa) is a gifted psychic trained in America and brought to the G-Force in Godzilla vs Destoroyah. Meru is the head of the G-Force Psychic Divison as Miki's replacement. She helps Miki lure Junior to Tokyo.

Miki Saegusa the famous psychic finally meets Meru the new psychic face-to-face. They chat at G-Force HQ about Meru's experiences in America. Miki admits that she's losing her ESP powers over time. We also learn that, as well as being an ESP psychic, Meru is also a paleontologist who is "good with dinosaurs". Meru sympathizes with Miki losing her powers, and admits that she's anxious to lose her own ESP powers so she can "lead a normal life and be an ordinary girl with a husband and children."

Meru suggests that if they lure Junior to Destoroyah, Godzilla will surely follow. Miki is of course aghast at this idea, as it'll most certainly get Junior's killed by Destoroyah. Meru tells her that she needs to dump the sentimentalism and think about the future of the planet. With or without her help, Meru was going to use Junior as a decoy. Miki understands and against her better judgment goes with Meru, though she's torn up about the whole thing.

Out over the open sea , Miki and Meru are in a chopper following Junior as he swims north for the Bering Sea. Meru and Miki both close their eyes and focus their cosmic psychic energy at Junior. To strengthen their power, Meru reaches over and holds Miki's hand. Apparently, this works as Junior begins to follow the helicopter.

When a flying Destoroyah attacks the chopper and Junior is attacked by Destoroyah who nearly kills him Meru sympathizes with a sad Miki and sees the error of her ways.


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