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Rankin Bass Slash Toho Mecha
Unknown or No Trademark
Mechanical Kong
Species Nicknames
Robot Robot Kong, Kong of Steel
Height Length
20 meters None
Weight Forms
15,000 tons None
Controlled by Relationships
Doctor Hu Doctor Hu (Creator)
Allies Enemies
MechaGodzilla IIIKM King Kong,
Created by Portrayed by
Kaoru Mabuchi Hiroshi Sekita
First Appearance Latest Appearance
The King Kong Show King Kong Escapes
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Mechani-Kong (メカニコング,   Mekanikongu?), also known as Robot Kong (ロボットコング,   Robottokongu?), is a robotic version of King Kong created by Rankin/Bass Productions and Toho that first appeared in the 1966 animated series The King Kong Show, and later appeared in the 1967 Toho film, King Kong Escapes.


Mechani-Kong's name comes from the word "mechanical" and the "Kong" part of King Kong's name. In the Japanese version of The King Kong Show, he was referred to as "Robot Kong" (ロボットコング,   Robottokongu?).


The King Kong Show


Mechani-Kong in The King Kong Show

Mechani-Kong appeared as a recurring antagonist, and was built by the evil scientist Dr. Hu in order to destroy King Kong.

Showa Series

King Kong Escapes

Mechanical Kong

Mechani-Kong in King Kong Escapes

Mechani-Kong was both designed and built by the international criminal, Dr. Hu, to mine the radioactive Element X from the Arctic underground, but the robotic ape failed his creator, the radiation of Element X damaging his controls. However, Dr. Hu came up with another plan to abduct the real King Kong and using Mechani-Kong, hypnotize Kong to mine Element X instead. However, the combination of Kong’s mind and the cries of Nurse Susan Watson, who Kong had a liking for, were able to overcome the hypnotism and Kong escaped to Tokyo, with both Mechani-Kong and Dr. Hu in hot pursuit.

In Tokyo, King Kong and Mechani-Kong battled up the side of Tokyo Tower, both monsters getting their shots in on one another. In the end, an attack back on Dr. Hu's ship crippled Mechani-Kong's controls and turned the tide of battle in Kong's favor. The crippled Mechani-Kong then fell from the tower, crashing into the street below and shattering into several pieces.


  • Hypnotic light emitted from head
  • Grenades on waist
  • Super strength
  • High Beam eyes


Kodansya Manga

Mechani-Kong appears

Mechani-Kong II vs. Godzilla in the Kodansya manga

A second Mechani-Kong was built and teamed up with MechaGodzilla III under the control of Doctor Oniyama to fight Godzilla in the Kodansya Godzilla manga, but both failed. Godzilla suplexed Mechani-Kong, breaking his right arm in the process. Powerless, the mechanical ape fell on top of MechaGodzilla III, and sank into the ocean. He was presumably deactivated by his internal systems short-circuiting.

Video Game Appearances

  • Konami Wai Wai World


Main article: Gallery:Mechani-Kong.


  • In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy titled "Giant Billy And Mandy All-Out Attack," there was a parody of Mechani-Kong named "Mecha-Gorillasaur," who was piloted by Mandy.


Mechani-Kong's roar is a modified Toho King Kong roar, which was sped up and echoed. Mechani-Kong's roar would later be used for the capsule monster Windom in Ultraseven.



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