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Max Borenstein (マックス・ボレンスタイン?, Makkusu Borensutain) is an American screenwriter and director. He wrote the screenplay for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, alongside David Callaham and Frank Darabont.


MAX BORENSTEIN (Screenwriter) is currently adapting the Swedish cyberpunk novel Mona for New Regency and writing “Art of the Steal” for New Line Cinema, with Seth Gordon set to direct. Additionally, the screenwriter is developing two new projects for his “Godzilla” partners at Legendary Pictures.

Borenstein wrote, edited, and directed his first feature film, “Swordswallowers and Thin Men,” while a senior at Yale University. The comedic drama, which starred Zoe Kazan, won Best Feature and Best Screenplay at the New York Independent Film Festival and was named Best First Feature of 2003 by the Los Angeles Times.

His screenplays “What is Life Worth?” based on Kenneth Feinberg's memoir of the same name, and “Jimi,” based on the life of guitarist Jimi Hendrix, were both honored on The Black List.

2003年に脚本、監督、撮影、編集を自らこなした『Swordswallowers and Thin Men』で初めて脚光を浴び、ニューヨーク国際インディペンデント映画&ビデオ祭で作品賞と脚本賞を受賞。また、「What Is Life Worth?」、「Jimi」という脚本2作が、2008年・2009年のハリウッドの“ブラックリスト”(まだ製作されていない中でも優れた脚本が毎年発表になるリスト)に選ばれている。本作『GODZILLA』のレジェンダリー・ピクチャーズとは、脚本を担当した2015年公開予定『Seventh Son』(ジェフ・ブリッジス、ジュリアン・ムーア、ベン・バーンズ主演)に続いてのコラボレーションとなる。

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