Toho Superweapon
Markalite Gun Firing
Markalite Cannon
Targets                             Height
Moguera 200 meters
First Appearance           Latest Appearance
The Mysterians The Mysterians

The Markalite Cannon (マー力ーライトファープ,   Mākaraitofāpu?), known formally as the Markalite F.A.H.P. (Flying Atomic Heat Projector), is a powerful weapon somewhat resembling a cross between a radio Telescope and a satellite, used by the Earth Defense Force that first appeared in the 1957 Toho film, The Mysterians.


Showa era

The Mysterians

After the first Moguera deployed by the Mysterians was destroyed, the Earth Defense Force took advantage of what little time they had to begin developing and mass producing the Markalite Cannons, which were to be carried in giant rockets called Markalite GYROs. The climactic battle finally arrived, and the Markalite Cannons were deployed near the Mysterian Dome. At first, the weapons appeared to be useless, failing to break through the Dome's reflective exterior. To make matters worse, the Mysterians used the dome to unleash a massive earthquake, washing away several of the cannons in a flood that resulted. Another cannon fell into a chasm when the second Moguera attempted to surface next to it, destroying both the Mecha and the weapon. Eventually, and with the assistance of Ryōichi Shiraishi disabling the dome's internal systems, the Markalite Cannons managed to destroy the dome's exterior, setting the base on fire and ultimately causing its destruction in a huge explosion, ending the threat of the Mysterians, once and for all.


A single Markalite Cannon has caterpillar tracks which grants it limited maneuverability, although they could be transported and dropped by rockets called Markalite GYROs, and a small pair of which were attached to each Cannon to act as retrorockets. The weapons could only function for short periods of time before losing power.

Video Game Appearances

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

Markalite Cannons appear alongside a host of JSDF weaponry (including the Super X and Gotengo units) in Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. They usually are perched on top of rocks, and fire their beams at Godzilla and Mothra. When they are defeated, they explode.

Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters

Markalite Cannons appear as playable units in Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters, and they attack by firing their beams at the enemy kaiju.



  • The concept of the Markalite cannon was later utilized in the design of the Maser Cannon, which closely resembles the weapon.
  • In the English subtitles for Tokyo Shock's DVD release of The Mysterians, the Markalite Cannon is mistakenly called the "Markalite Farp."
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