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Maguma (マグマ?) is a giant walrus kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1962 Toho film, Gorath.


Maguma's name literally means "magma", which could be a reference to how Maguma is weak to high temperatures.


Maguma looks like a giant brown walrus with green eyes, pale tusks, smooth skin, and no visible hair. Maguma also lacks a tail.


Showa Series


Maguma first appeared when it was awakened by missile fire at the North Pole. Maguma attacked the base and it went home to its valley. A VTOL aircraft was sent to kill Maguma, and it buried it under a pile of rocks. Maguma broke out of the rocks and attacked again. The aircraft attacked Maguma with energy beams, killing it.

Video Game Appearances


Main article: Maguma/Gallery.


Maguma's roar was an elephant trumpeting sound, but was deepened and slowed down. Maguma's roar was later used for the Ultraman 80 kaiju, Salamandora.


  • According to an interview with Ishiro Honda early draft for the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters called "all monsters" to appear, as well as an early art shows that Maguma was planned to appear and was to guard the Kilaaks' base along with Ebirah. however, they were replaced by Baragon and Varan but even they couldn't take the role because their suits were overused and could only make brief appearances.
  • Maguma was removed from the Brenco Pictures' American version of Gorath. The producers of the U.S. version reportedly thought Maguma was too funny-looking, even mockingly calling him "Wally the Walrus," and believed he would ruin the serious tone of the film. Only a shot of Maguma's corpse buried in rubble remains in the American release.
  • It is thought that Tsuburaya Productions, who last used the suit, damaged it beyond repair when Maguma was used as the Ultra Q monster Todora.


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