MUTO, also spelled M.U.T.O. is a term used by the organization Monarch in the MonsterVerse.


MUTO is an acronym for "Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism." According to Godzilla: Awakening, this is a designation Monarch gives to all giant monsters as a sort of placeholder name. In this comic, both Godzilla and Shinomura were known as MUTOs before being given their own individual names.


MUTO is used to identify monsters that have yet to be named by Monarch. It is first used in the comic, Godzilla: Awakening, were it is used to identify Shinomura and Godzilla before they receive their official names. It is later used in the 2014 film, Godzilla, where it is used to identify the MUTO in the film. They, however, are not given official names and thus, are only known as MUTO. The term is later used in Kong: Skull Island, in which William Randa states to Preston Packard that he and Monarch specialize in studying and hunting MUTOs.

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