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This is a list of various monsters from books and comics that have featured Godzilla.

Random House Books

Marvel Comics

Other Marvel Monsters

Dark Horse Comics

IDW Comics

DC Comics / Warner Bros.


Gamera Comics and Manga

  • Gyaos Clone (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Barugon (Kadokawa Manga)
  • Futakobukarappa
  • Geboras
  • Powered Gyaos
  • Daburyuusu
  • Marugarappa
  • Garansharp (not Garasharp)
  • Harinezura
  • Morphos (Gamera vs Morphos, 1999)
  • Incomplete Creature Creations of Dr. Karbone (Dark Horse Comics)

Charlton Comics (Gorgo, Konga, and Reptilicus)

  • Gorgo (Charlton Comics)
  • Ogra (Charlton Comics)
  • Reptilicus (Charlton Comics)
  • Konga (Charlton Comics)
  • Reptisaurus (Reptilicus)
  • The Sea Beast
  • Atlanteans
  • Chloryllfids
  • Dr. Zhunli (The World Shaker)
  • 'Huge Bee'
  • Gorgo Duplicate
  • The Space Scourgers
  • Brontosaur
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurs
  • 'Ceratosaurus-like Predator'
  • 'Venusian Terrors' (Venusians #1)
  • 'Venusian Octopi' (Venusians #2)
  • Honey Bees from Atlantis (Apis Mellifera)
  • Hogar
  • Polyhydra
  • Giant Space-Faring Manta Rays
  • Giant Space Spider
  • The Challenger
  • Torga (Konga’s Mate)
  • The Creature of Uuang-Ni
  • Giant Land Crabs
  • Giant Squid
  • Giant Reptiles
  • The People's Dragon (Mechanical Dragon)



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