List of Female Kaiju

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This is a list of all the kaiju that are considered female.


  • Alien Lady-Benzen (from Ultraman Zearth II)
  • Biollante
  • Burtannus
  • Camearra (from Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey)
  • The 'Captain's Niece' of the Dianii
  • Daigoro's Mother, from Daigoro vs. Goliath
  • Dark Faust (from Ultraman Nexus)
  • Erabus
  • Femigon (from The Return Of Ultraman)
  • Fibas / Satan Fibas / Karen (from Ultraman Tiga)
  • Fire Bird
  • Gappa (the mother of this family of three)
  • The Giant Claw
  • Giant Fuji (from Ultraman)
  • Gina (from Andro Melos, an Ultraman franchise spin-off)
  • Ginormica (from Monsters vs. Aliens)
  • Jiger
  • At least one of the Kamacuras
  • Komodithrax
  • Kumonga
  • Lady Kong (from King Kong Lives)
  • Legion (the giant lead creature is often called the 'Queen')
  • Majaba (the female egg layer) from Ultraman: Towards the Future
  • Megaguirus
  • Mother Deents (from Ultraman Gaia)
  • Mothra
  • Nancy Fowler Archer, the title character of Attack of the 50-foot Woman films
  • Nessie
  • Newzilla (from the US-made Dr Pepper TV commercials, see Dr. Pepper.)
  • Ogra (Not Orga) Is the mother of Gorgo from the 1961 film Gorgo. 
  • Queen Bee
  • Queen Monera (From Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna movie)
  • Queen Tortoise (from Ultraman Taro)
  • Quetzalcoatl
  • The female Red King (from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero)
  • Female Rodan
  • Lightning Bug
  • Rolan (from Ultraman Leo)
  • Skeetera
  • Termite Queen
  • Garasharp
  • Tiny Baltan (from Ultraman Max)
  • Ultra Mother
  • Ultrawoman Beth
  • Vagnosaurus
  • Yuhko Minami, the female human half of Ultraman Ace
  • Yullian
  • Nemesis
  • Dragon Lotus
  • Tornaq
  • Katyusha
  • Heart Eater
  • Tian-Lung
  • Urogora
  • Kikiron
  • Maladra
  • Grimmgarl
  • Hound of Nita
  • Vogeladra
  • Torrentula
  • Aggredora
  • BullDozer (Dozer)
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